BPS 2015 Penalty Errors – Claim Statements

Rural SceneThe Basic Payment Scheme deadline has passed for another year, but there are some issues from 2015 still outstanding.

The large number of unjustified penalties being levied by the RPA is a big one that needs some input from claimants.  Please double check 2015 Claim Statements for Penalties: the RPA have made a very large number of erroneous penalty reductions to 2015 BPS payments and unfortunately, the new format for Claim Statements this year makes these difficult to detect.

Check carefully for over-declaration and greening penalties. This year the number of unjustified penalties is very high. So please check and double check your Claim Statements and if in any doubt copy them to Sally Pentreath or email or write to the RPA to ensure they are aware of the issue and will add it to their growing list of anomalies to be sorted out over the summer.

For information or assistance please contact Sally Pentreath our Rural Advisor on 01608 661666 or email spentreath@sheldonbosley.co.uk